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Discover Cattle Health Management: a dedicated team working with cattle producers. Our holistic approach combines health, nutrition, data management, welfare, safety, and sustainability. Join industry leaders who inspire us to enhance our services.


At CHM, we enhance our clients’ experience through targeted, customized health and nutrition programs. By collaborating with you to understand your needs, we’re able to create tailored programs that specifically align with your goals.

We take a boots-on-the-ground team approach, working closely with all stakeholders. Together, we help our clients’ achieve optimal operational goals.  

Cattle Health Management - Health Programs

Health programs

CHM’s bundled services, consultations, and collaborations improve animal health. We work inclusively with cow-calf, feedlot, and dairy operations to provide tailored recommendations backed by your data and industry insights.

Cattle Health Management - Nutrition Programs

Nutrition programs

Our nutrition team offers cutting-edge consultation services for cow-calf and feedlot operations. By utilizing evidence-based decision-making and on-farm research, we provide tailored programs that optimize animal health and ensure economic returns.

Cattle Health Management - Research and Data

Research & data programs

Our research and data program is divided into three modules: Greenhouse Gas Strategies, Specialized Data Management, and Research Projects. The goal of each module is to provide our clients with unique analyses tailored to their needs.

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